Collaborative Poetry Workshop conducted by Kaurab

The workshop presentation material is linked below.

Download the Bengali font from here

A collaborative collective on collaborative poetry

========================VIDEO CLIPS OF THE WORKSHOP====================

Part I:: Vote of Thanks

Part II:: Language Poetry Collaborations

Part III:: Samabayee Kabitaa or Co-operative Poetry


Rajarshi Chatterjee shares a thought with Pat Clifford minutes before the workshop

A section of the participants - Kaushik Chakrabarty, Rajatendra Mukherjee,
Madhuban Mitra, Rajarshi Chatterjee, Debayudh Chatterjee, Rangit Mitra,
Kaushik Chatterjee, Atanu Singha and Barin Ghosal (L to R).

Pat talks about Lyn Hejinian's book "My Life" as Aryanil listens.

Aryanil discusses a brief history of the first western Renga.

A section of the participants - Pat, Manas, Kaushik and Rajarshi.

Aryanil makes a point. Pat and Manas on the right.

Pat discussing language poetry collaborations.

Pat discussing the collaboration of George Oppen with Buddhadev Bose.
Santanu Banerjee is on the extreme left while hostess Rimli Sengupta is on the extreme right.

Photocredits : Saki Mukherjee & Pat Clifford