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Somnath Sen

Somnath Sen (b 1983) is one of the finest new voices to emerge in Bengali poetry in the second decade of the 21st century. His maiden collection of poems Parod Shason (Mercury Rule), Kaurab, 2014 underlines the novelty of an emergent poetic writing mode in its subtle internalizaton of travel experiences. A writing style that might be called contemplative-explorative, is strongly circumcontentive in the sense that it makes inroads into the other knowledge worlds lesser connected with poetry constructing poememes of a fresher kind. A software engineer by the day Somnath Sen lives in Kolkata, India.


Poems from Parod Shason (Mercury Rule)


A well-spread blanket surrounds the left over
This immediate dispersion of silence after death – watching from these quadruled
spaces how a star track descends after eras –
ages and ages after later, as civilization dims
walls erect themselves at the edge of the mountain.

This promising past
underneath our will-o’-the-wisp - as the moment of a robe
comes to life, discovery of chessboards while scalpeling
a dead body – falls with a magical difference
and this separation densifies


Forest, returning after the erasure of slumber
to the public tongue
the slow fading of kissing acts – this road of our return
past danger lines and
narrow marshlands
wild blackness everywhere – I noticed a ruin
dressing the wound and the head of the cross lowering itself
to the face of an open vagina.

After a profuse amount of sinful fun, the roads continue to stay roused
We cross the snowfields with care – reels and reels of ceaseless scenes
and as soon as I turn around
a far-fetched light moved away from the winding road
towards an invisible livelihood.


There is a widening difference between actions –
of looking up versus down
The way some roads stand up
after freezing rain – a solitude that gathers around the teeth
of apple groves – this mid-calf vertigo
as water seeps in from memory and its outside
the preparation halts in perspiration.

An emblem of quietude isn’t just about the geometry of desolation
but of all conversations stored in lines and images
in all the dynamism of processes-
we leave behind touch and the wand


Winter rots with the scratches of a solitary animal
in a vestige of tranquility –
alluvium of every word, softness tweaks some of its posits
and in an elastic exhalation the foetus aborts
Here is the source of the stream
or defense that alters the watery façade of soap
to the signs of foam – whatever is nomadic
whatever elusive, a team of horses
strays the last possibility of transformation


The colletives from a day’s exploration renames the afternoon.
I observe an unresting water soar log around your consciousness
Fluid differences
vapor rising around the roaming winds
from a single ray to another, and road-wraps twist around
the eyes and face of a sleepy cat

Unrest lures me into the great depths
A cooling grows, water layers too, begin to burn skin at their tail
As one rocky dynamism dies at the origin of
another’s wake –
we continue to move towards the source of the flow

All poems translated from Bengali by Aryanil Mukherjee


Somnath Sen


Parod Shason (2014)

(Mercury Rule)


Somnath Sen


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