Rakhee Roy

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Agony Ecstacy - Acrylic on Canvas 50X40

Agony Ecstacy - Acrylic on Canvas 50X40



Breath of Life- Acrylic on Canvas 48X36


Dry Water- Acrylic on Canvas 36X48



Urja- Acrylic on Canvas 42X60



The World Ablaze- Acrylic on Canvas 60X54







   about the Artist

Growing up between Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam, RAKHEE ROY makes intricate paintings that seem to create a rythmatic infusion of nature as the parenting pot of its living elements. Using a soothing syncopation of figurative styles, charming colors and a well rounded but dense assembly of life expressed as the foliage of nature, the artist finds her unique voice of protesting against devastation via the legato of suave enchantment as opposed to angst. Humans in her work don the center stage but in topiarian forms embodying the conglomerate beauty of their own environment. Rakhee’s work has been exhibited in many notable art cites. A mother of two, she presently lives and works in Kolkata.

Speaking about this infusive fantasy that punctuates Rakhee’s work, noted art-critic Mrinal Ghosh writes – “This fantasy, which is akin to the concept of chamtkara of Indian aesthetics, is sonorous, rhythmic evoking a kind of child like innocence and purity. In her fantasy reality merges with dream. Human being is unified with various form of nature. This unification gives rise to a kind of jubilation indicating some sort of resurrection from temporal turmoil. The apparent reality is negated through introduction of super-reality. She elevates her fantasy oriented decorative figurations towards a surrealist sonority tinged with love for nature and life”.